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About Fastvan courier

Fastvan courier delivery van going to deliver items

Select us as your freight company and witness our commitment to surpassing your expectations. We offer a broad range of services tailored to meet the needs of various industries, including:


  • Banking

  • Engineering

  • Insurance

  • Laboratories

  • Automotive/parts

  • Medical/healthcare

  • Pharmaceuticals

15% Off All Items

Fastvan Courier is a dependable and cost-efficient courier service that caters to businesses and individuals in New England . As a family-owned company, our priority is to ensure timely and affordable deliveries. With a fleet of vans and cars to ship small to midsize packages, we guarantee prompt and punctual service.


With extensive experience, we specialize in efficient logistical transportation solutions for same-day and next-day deliveries. We serve customers throughout New England, providing tailored and premium services.

Regardless of your industry, you can rely on us to consistently transport time-sensitive and valuable items. We support automotive, pharmaceutical, law firms, banking, manufacturing and other industries.

At Firstvan courier , we offer unparalleled courier and logistics services at very competitive rates, with a primary focus on local operations. We prioritize affordability and maintain high standards of professionalism and consistency, giving us an edge over our local competitors.

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